Review of Tapiona Large Baby Play Mat For Kids and Play Piano GYM

A large baby play mat is very suitable to play item for a newborn baby. Raising a child is not an easy task. Parents have to be very careful about all the issues of children. Especially for an infant because their skin is very soft. At this period, their skin may be get harmed by contact with the least tough and untidy objects. For this reason, parents have to be a concern to select their play item.

Today we will discuss Tapiona large baby play mat. We will discuss its features in-detail and how this product will be suitable for your baby. If you want to buy this play mat for your child, our review will help you make your decision. Let’s start.

Tapiona Large Baby Play Mat

This exclusive Tapiona large baby play mat is used for your baby’s kicked and play gym. It is designed for 0 to 3 years old babies. This play mat is packed with one additional piano keyboard and 5 activity toys. These instruments are here to keep your baby entertained and also help to encourage your baby to develop hearing, self-awareness and sensory.

The mat is very soft, thick and super easy to clean. Just remove the keyboard and the overhead arches and wash the mat in a washing machine. The piano is portable and operated by battery so you can carry it with you at anywhere. The crescent moon shaped toy and lights attached with the play mat are so adorable. The melodious sound will make your child laughter surely.

Product specification

  • Suitable for 0 to 36 month
  • Dimension: 21.85 X 5.12 X 16.93 in
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • One round shape extra soft mat
  • One multifunctional piano set with 10 different melodies
  • 5 activity toys include a baby bear, a funny crescent moon, a little star, a cute owlet, and a Soft-to-Touch heart.
  • Soft Cushion

Description of products

  • A great toy for your newborn:

    This large baby play mat comes with 4 different play modes such as lay and play, kick and play, tummy time play, and sit and play. This play mat can be used for newborn to grow up child. If you are searching a toy for the newborn then the mat this play mat is a great choice. Baby will love to play on it with his growing age.

  • Baby’s senses will develop by playing on it:

    The music of Tapiona large play mat is very melodious. Baby will be loved to enjoy the music of piano keyboard. This melodious music will enhance the baby’s movement, within a few days he or she will start to kick on its keys. The bright light of toy’s and soft music will stimulate baby’s sight and hearing senses. It will help to develop the newborn’s brain. The small mirror hanging from the top will help to develop the self-awareness of 15 to 24-month babies.

  • A great company for the newborn:

    This mat will help you to look after your newborn if you are along at home. Baby will be loved to play on it. The toys and music will encourage increasing him/her movements and it will be an excellent stretching exercise for the little master. It will help to develop baby’s feet, hands, toes, and finger also. It will also make a strong baby’s muscles.

  • The safest entertainment for your infant:

    This play mat is designed to entertain your baby safely. It has 5 different play toys a funny crescent moon, a little star, a cute owlet, a soft-to-touch heart, a baby bear. These toys will encourage your baby to move his/her hand and leg. Baby will try to touch them. After a few time, the baby will just fond of these toys. The melodious music of piano also entertains the baby a lot. When the baby understands the strategy of music then try to beat more and more by moving his/her toe finger. This product brings only laughter and smiles and removes all crying and tears.

  • Best elements to enhance the cognitive development of your baby:

    For your baby’s perfect developments, the activity mat is designed with 3 stages of play and 4 playing modes that encourage your baby’s growth and learning. It has a soft infant play mat along with multi-play positions, 5 adorable attached toys, and a beautiful piano with 10 different melodies. All these elements will enhance baby’s cognitive developments through movements and playing.

Some question may arise about the product

Before buying something for the baby’s use, the parents are very aware. Parents can raise a lot of questions about the product. Let’s answer some of the common questions that parents can do about Tapiona large baby play mat.

Q: What is the weight and dimension of the mat?

A: The weight of the product is about 4 pounds and the dimension is height 22 inches and the diameter of the mat is 33,5 inches.

Q: How can I wash this play mat?

A: Definitely you can. The better job is washing it on your hands and let it dry under the sun.

Q: Is the play mat suitable for baby’s tummy time?

A: Of course. The mat along with extra soft pad is quite suitable for baby’s tummy time.


  • Light up moon and color is awesome.
  • Product looks exactly the provided picture.
  • Baby love the keyboard most.


  • Change the keyboard battery after a few times.
  • Rarely moms complain that the size of the mat is not perfect.

Wrapping up

Tapiona large play mat is a very soft and comfortable toy especially for the newborn. This mat will serve as your helping hand. If you have no one to look after your baby in your home, then this mat is suitable for you. It will make senses of hearing and sight of your baby and entertain with its music and light. It is the best play mat for the infant.

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