Pedicure Set Professional Hand and Foot Care for Home and Travel

Now taking care of your hands and feet is not a difficult task at all. Because we are here to introduce you to the Pedicure set professional hand and foot care for home and travel. This Prorelax manicure-pedicure set is for both men and women. This manicure-pedicure set is featured with 15 high-quality accessories to provide your beautiful hand and feet at home. This luxurious device is a complete package of the best nail salon at home, which comes with an elegant aluminum case. 

Specification of the product

  • Powerful micro motor can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise 
  • 15 high-quality accessories made of surgical steel which are sapphire coated
  • Professional hand and foot care for both home and on travel
  • Stepless speed control from 2,000 – 5,400 rpm
  • Illumination of the application area with LED
  • Effectively can remove calluses, corns, and hyperkeratosis
  • All accessories are available individually
  • Dust protection for catching nil dust and skin residues


  • High-quality manicure-pedicure set 
  • Usable for both women and men
  • Useful for shaping and shortening the nails
  • Delicate, elegant aluminum case for carrying on
  • Good for diabetics patient as it can prevent fungi and viruses
  • Easy to use
  • Two years guarantee


  • Price is a little bit high

Product description

If you love to look your hand and foot clean, softy, and beautiful, then the Prorelax manicure-pedicure set DELUXE can help you the most. With an elegant, nice aluminum case, this high-quality care set is really very useful for its compact format. 

  1. Wonderful design

The recommended Prorelax manicure-pedicure set comes in a compact size aluminum case, which is the best for travel. The tools are nicely seated into an elegant aluminum beauty case. The classy look box effectively protects the accessories. The care set is designed in such a way that women and men can both use it. 

  • High-quality materials

High-quality materials are used in making all the accessories of this care set. The luxurious box includes 15 high-quality accessories made of surgical steel, which are sapphire-coated. You can easily use all the applications quickly and effectively. 

  • Powerful motor

The care set has a powerful micro-motor that can rotate both clocks wise and anti-clockwise. The stepless speed of the motor can be controlled from 2,000 to 5,400 rpm. So, you can handle any task of cleaning your hand and foot efficiently. Besides, the application area has a LED light so you can operate the device well. 

  • Multiple uses

You can use this care set for shaping and shorting your nails, remove calluses, corns, and hyperkeratosis. It is also quite useful for people with diabetes as it can prevent fungi and viruses. All attachments of this care set are available in the market. 

Wrapping up

The pedicure set professional hand, and foot care for home and travel is an ideal package to short off all your nails related problems. It is easy to transport so that you can take it on your vacation. As it can serve both women and men, it is a fantastic gift item for your partner also. 

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