Privacy Policy

Effective date: 10 October 2018


At we consider the privacy policy is extremely important for our visitors. This privacy document describes in detail what user information is collected and the process of keeping the record by and how we use it. As you are our honorable user, you are always welcome to share any effective ideas. If you have to do farther any query on our policy then please don’t take time to make a contact with us by click here.

Collection of personal information

Here we want to inform you that we may collect some personal information from your sites like e-mail, name, and related website address if exist. We usually do it during-

  1. i) Commenting on content,
  2. ii) At the time of contacting us.

You may provide the personal information asked by the site or you have the choice to select the not to provide the option. If you deny giving your personal info and choosing not to provide the option, then generally our entire service will be limited for you.

We would like to assure you that there isn’t create any other key except the listed above that may be asked you anything about your personal information.

Moreover, some information may collect from you during the communication with you over the phone, through the e-mail or via text messages. We also consider this information as your personal information. Perhaps we use this information for sending our website update, sharing our new offers as well as our present status with you.

Advertising partner

Our advertising partner is Google Adsense only.

As a partner, may display some adverts on behalf of Google Adsense and some financial issues may be involved in this case. Though the advertising partner has their own privacy policy for the respective site, we will maintain an updated and hyperlinked resource here (privacy policy).

The third-party ad network or ad server uses their won technology for each advertisement and then the link appears on and that are sent to your browser directly. It may possible that our advertising partner may use cookies on their site but has no access or control over these cookies.

Utilization of Collected Information

We collect your personal information used for the following purpose.

  • For ensuring the smoothness of the service.
  • To improve the layout, content, and design of the site.
  • For preventing fraud and identification them.
  • To give you the immediate service when you asked.
  • To analyze and monitor the performance of the provided service by counting the total number of traffic of the site.
  • To deliver the update notice, administrative message, new offer, and services.


We will store your all feedbacks as a suggestion and use it for improving the service of the website because your feedbacks are your demand for us. Our policy is not doing business with your information.


Cookies uses cookies to preserve information of user’s performance. We do it for keeping record the user-specific information on which pages of the site user visit or access much. We do customize or personalize the web page content based on this record.


Security Protection System of Collected Information

The pure product review takes the responsibility to protect your all personal information or detail which has collected several times.

As stated above, we preserve some of your detail in different circumstances, but don’t feel unsecured at all; we have employed a number of security services in order to protect your all detail.


The subject of disclosing information to other parties

Your information is so much precious to us like yourself. We do not drive any selling business by using your information. We strictly maintain the strategy that we do not disclose valuable information to our customers in the third party. Our all advertisements are also designed very carefully that it doesn’t carry any kind of user’s information.

Access to update information

The pure product review believes strongly on giving you the authorization or access to update or correct your presented information. You can update your information abide by the rules that the site authority instructed


By this, you are now with the privacy policy and do agree to contain all terms and conditions by using this website.

Update or changes of privacy policy

You will be notified for any kind of changes on privacy policy and the update will be published on the date.