Handmade minimalist leather slim wallets for men Review 2019

The wallet is one of the everyday used things of men. This handmade Wallet is not just a money-saving bag, but it is carrying a lot of important paperwork, credit cards, and more. So today, keeping in mind your needs, I have come with beautiful leather slim wallets for men. It is quite slim in shape and looks excellent. It can be fitted in almost any size pocket. It will also be very good as a gift. Let’s talk about a little more detail about the slim wallets for men.

This handmade minimalist leather wallet is exactly what you are looking for thanks to its beautiful and striking look. That offers to harmonize you to store your necessary things such as identification, credit cards or money. Handmade wallets manufacturer makes minimalist leather slim wallets for men with most striking leather without sacrificing size or style. We present the highest quality lather recommended for daily use from its extensive catalog capable of carrying cards, coins, papers, and bills, without ever losing its easy and elegant touch characteristic.


This small of leather produced is very fine and presents good looking with functionality and efficiency for its innovative features. Let us take a look of its Features:

Dimension: It can carry between 4 and 8 credit or debit cards. Its length is 3.9 inches while its width is 3.1 inches. You can carry multiple bills, has a coin sachet, quick access space in which you can pull a piece of a compartment for papers and notes. The dyeing of the leather is made of 100% natural materials. It offers a guarantee that ensures that the product must be kept free of defects and must look like new during the first year by correct use.

Minimalist Design: This mini wallet for men presents a modern and updated design, based on the thin wallets worn by the most stylish men. Its design is without unnecessary zippers, plastic parts that scratch and make the wallet less durable.

The colors are available for the wallet, which makes it the most varied of handmade minimalist leather portfolio. Advanced blocking material will prevent the information contained in your cards from being intercepted. Our minimalist portfolio for men includes credit card slots, a large pocket for bills on each side and an additional space for bills in the middle.


The handmade minimalist leather slim wallet is a multifunctional wallet has an intelligent design and some tricks that keep it slim with simple access.


  • Beautiful stitches make the wallet strong.
  • Hold 5 to 8 card in one time.
  • You can enjoy a minimalist wallet that offers elegance and comfort at the same time.
  • Our slim, thin-skinned minimalist leather slim wallet is modern and functional and is designed particularly for modern men.
  • You can keep bills, receipts, and cards with this handmade minimalist leather slim wallet for men.
  • The ARTINO small men’s wallet is ideal for daily use, to go on vacation or to travel abroad.
  • Your personal information and money contained in your documents credit and debit cards that will always be higher safe.


  • The card slot is a little bit tight.

Q: Do you offer any returning system?

Ans: Yes, We offer you the returning possibility within 30 days from the purchase time.

Q: Is this wallet easy to use?

Ans: Yes, The leather wallet is an ideal sample of the high style, quality accessories and easy to use.

Q: Which material is used in this wallet?

Ans: Mainly premium full grain leather is the actual material of this wallet.

Q: What are the dimensions of this slim wallet?

Ans: This slim wallet Measurement is only 3.14 X 3.94 X 0.11 inches.


This Slim Wallets for men will become a key element of your lifestyle. It involved in the design and use of natural products. The manufacturer team has experience and professional is always aware of the guidelines and trends present in the final products market. The correspondingly adjusts our products, characterized by their modernity, high quality, and usefulness.

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