Solar Powered Light for Gardens: Mosquito Zapper Killer

Bugs, insects, the mosquito is a big problem when you want to spend some particular time in your garden at night. Your special time can spoil due to these irritating creatures. The solar powered light for garden can is an excellent solution to this problem. This energy-saving light will not only lighten and decorate your garden but protect you from plenty of harmful insects also.

Product description

  • Product dimension- 3.5″ (W) x 14″ (L)
  • Power source- Solar
  • Battery- 1 AA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
  • Item weight- 560g
  • Lights- One low voltage LED bulb

Product description

Though there is plenty of bug zapper available in the market, the LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light is one of the top-rated garden light as well as insect and bug zapper. It works against these annoying creatures effectively. Let us discuss about the product.

  1. Effectiveness: The Solar powered light for the garden comes with modern design and a very attractive look. The installation of the product is also very simple. Just place it in the ground at your garden, deck, path, or the side of the pond and brighten your walkway immediately. It will effectively protect you from mosquitos and other insects without any harmful discharge. 
  • Multi-tasking light: The striking design of LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light adds some more attraction in your garden. It has a decorative look which will give your garden a party environment. This solar light does not need any plug-in-electricity. A low voltage LED bulb, and a bug zapper is attached to this device. If you have kids at your home, this bug zapper will be a great way to protect them from many unwanted creatures.
  • Enough durable and safe product: The dual LED light and the bug zapper of this solar light is made from quality plastic. The bug zapper is waterproof, so you will be tension free on rainy days also. Undoubtedly this light will serve your family for many years. Besides this, the outer grid comes with a layer of protection that will protect your baby or pet from any accidental injury. 
  • Energy-saving: The device has a dual-LED light which consumes minimum energy. The solar-powered bug zapper is also recharged from the sunlight so, not need to add more electric bills. That means, besides to brighten your garden, the solar-powered light is money saving and energy saving also. 


  • Durable and waterproof body
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Modern design with a classic appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent the maximum area of the garden
  • Great for BBQs and parties


  • May not effective to remove all insects

Wrapping up If you love a party, picnic, or camping in your garden or backyard, the solar powered light for garden will be the best choice. It will brighten your walkway, and the night nature along with will protect your family from plenty of harmful creatures. This environment-friendly is durable and consumes less energy. It is enough durable and the best choice for your garden.

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