The review of beach please Australian bamboo straw sun hat

Keep protected under the sun, the straw sun hat is a very useful item on the beach. In the summer, everyone loves to travel on the beach. But the sun’s heat rotates in joy. Many people do much to protect from this heat. But the easiest and stylish solution is the straw sun hat.

These straw sun hats are available in the market and almost all popular online shop. The build strategy of the hat maintains complete air circulations. That’s why during summer season these hats are so comfortable. These are available in any size and color. Let’s discuss more the straw sun hat.

The key specifications of straw sun hat:

  • Wheatgrass straw,
  • Wide brim surrounding hat,
  • Fashionable black strap,
  • The dimension of the product is 16.5 x 8.9 x 2.7 inches
  • Very light in weight.

Product description

The beach please straw sun hat is the best quality sun hat. It is stylish, comfortable and enough protective. This sun-hat is made of best quality Australian Bamboo Straw. The unique designed straw hat provides not only the great shield to head, neck, ears, chins, and cheeks but also comes with an attractive, stylish, and premium look.

It will add some extra fashionable look with your personality.  This hat is rich in functional as well as fashion and suitable for both spring and summer season. It will go perfectly with many occasions like Beach activities, gardening, tourism, camping, hiking, fishing, and any outdoor activity.

Features of the hat

If you want to go on vacation in the summer, the most important thing is the sun protecting hat. A nice hat can change your summer vacation experience. Let’s see what kinds of features are important in the beach hotspots during summer. Let’s see some special feature of straw sun hat that is suitable for traveling on the seafront during the summer.

Elegant look and awesome design

The hat is looking bold and very relaxing to use. The style of the hat is super with the cote “Beach Please” and the wide brim brings more elegant look. The brims have messy beach wave which will give you a very stylish look. The hat will go perfectly any time beach dress like the maxi, or short louse outfits.

Not very expensive

Comparing it with the excellent quality of the hat and its awesome fashionable look, its price is quite low. Adding this hat will not change a lot when you budget for your trip to the coast.

Super sun protective 

The most common problem that arises during travel in the sea beach in daytime is the excessive sunlight. It may damage your skin; create a dark spot, and wrinkles. The hat will provide full protection from sunburn. The wide brim will give you extra protection.

Excellent fabric quality

The inner fabric is premium in quality and 100% paper, lightweight and breathable. Not only that, it is luxurious, soft and gives you a customized feel.

Wear it for many occasions

Stay flawless with this straw sun hat on the beach activities, park or pool, fishing, outdoor music festival, hiking, camping, gardening, tourism, walking with your dog, boating, excursion, honeymoon or any other outdoor activity which you want. It is no matter where you are, this stylish straw hat will add some extra with your personality.

Fit with all 

This nice that has been created in such a way that it will fit anyone. The inside measurement and depth are nice for almost all age. It is designed perfectly adjustable for any head shape or sizes. The wide brim surrounding the hat makes a nice balance with the head.

Some question may arise about the product

When buying a new product, we have a lot of questions to ask about the product. Before buying this fantastic straw sun hat, you can also find some common questions in your mind. The answers to some of the possible common questions are given below.

Q: What is the weight and dimension of the straw sun hat?

A: The shipping weight of the hat is about 8.8 ounces and the dimension is 16.5 x 8.9 x 2.7 inches.

Q: What is the procedure to clean the hat?

A: The cleaning process of the hat is very easy. Use a soft cotton cloth and wrap it around your finger. Now slightly moistened with water and clean the hat. Do not use hot water and let it dry under the shade.

Q: Is the straw sun hat durable for a long time?

A: Of course. The straw sun hat is quite durable and lasting for a long time. You can fold it also and store at any place.


  • It can fold and carry into any luggage.
  • Quite durable.
  • The wide brims do well under the sun.
  • It is floppy enough to fit any size.
  • Very cute to look.


  • Few users sometimes ask for neck cord.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of things to consider while you choose your hat for use on the beach during the summer season. The straw sun hat is perfect enough for your all requirements. It is a stylish, high quality build, durable and definitely provides super protection under the sun. Moreover, taking care of it is also very easy. It can be cleaned very easily and it can last a long time. So no more delay, just grab your hat now and add a different stylish look to your personality.

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